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Why guess how to do something when you can ask experts who know already? We offer consultation on all facets of trail building and track related issues. We have built tracks and trails all over the world and have gathered valuable experience to make sure we know exactly what works and what doesn’t.


Our motto is ‘do it once, do it right’. Why waste valuable time and money getting things wrong and having to revisit to correct them?


Any successful operation starts with great planning and we can offer short and long term master plans for trail networks or bike park operations.


We offer the following consultation services but if you need something else just ask.


•Complete track and/or network design 

•Master plans for different projects

•Network evaluation

•Individual trail design

•Maintenance strategy

•Feasibility assessment

•Problem section re-alignments



•Rental gear



•Risk assessment and management

•Hazard assessment




•Event judging

•Event management

•General consulting


•GPS and flagging

•Working with landowners

•Working with heritage groups/other affected parties

•Trail auditing


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