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At Elevate trail building we like to be as diverse as trails are.


A trail can be a poled route high in the backcountry, a two and a half metre wide multi use gravel cycle path for commuting or a jump trail weaving through the forest but is not limited to these and no trail is like another.


A trail can be anything you want it to be.


At Elevate we are passionate about the great outdoors and the beauty it holds for us, we believe a trail should be just as beautiful as the surroundings it is weaving through. 


We specialise in hand-built singletrack as we think that minimal impact is best and provides the user with a feeling as if the trail was there forever.


We understand that a trail is forever and work with innovative sustainable building techniques that will bring maintenance down to a minimum and incorporate flow into every trail to bring enjoyment to a maximum.

Water management is a huge focus when we are constructing trails to avoid erosion and disturbing the natural environment.


We have been involved in projects at the forefront of the mountain bike industry including the world famous Crankworx mountain bike festival in Whistler and Colorado, Red Bull Rampage in Utah and various filming projects around the world to name a few.


Oh yeah and we hike and bike too so we know what it should feel like....

Creation options include, scoping, designing and building for:

•Walking trails 

•Multi-use trails 

•Maintenance contracts and individual jobs

•Cross country trails

•Trail re-alignment

•Backcountry trails and routes

•Backcountry huts


•Pump tracks - natural surface and asphalt

•BMX tracks

•Wooden stunts and ‘north shore’

•Bike park trails

•Jump parks for all skill levels

•Skills areas

•Armouring/redesigning problem sections

•Slope-style courses through Elevate Course Building

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